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artist information


ADULT. is a band from Detroit, Michigan that integrates vocals with drum machines, analog synths and electronic/punk elements.


They started releasing albums in 1998 under the pseudonym "Plasma Co."

At first, the members of ADULT. were unknown and uncredited, but by the release of Anxiety Always, ADULT. was listed as husband-and-wife team Adam Lee Miller (formerly of Le Car) and visual artist Nicola Kuperus. The two members are also the founders of the Ersatz Audio record label. When launching their tour in support of the D.U.M.E. EP, ADULT. announced that they had become a trio with the addition of guitarist Samuel Consiglio. The trio was short-lived, however—Consiglio left the band at the start of 2006.

ADULT. started gaining fame after releasing all of their material independently and touring relentlessly in the U.S. They have also remixed other artists, most notably Felix da Housecat, Fischerspooner, The Faint, Erase Errata and Bis. Vocalist Kuperus (who is also responsible for the band's album artwork and photography) has sung on the works of other electronic acts including Death in Vegas, Swayzak and Chicks On Speed. ADULT. toured with Trans Am in 2002. In May 2003, the band made its first headlining tour in America, and jaunts across Europe followed soon after.

Currently, Miller and Kuperus have focused their attention more on recording and touring, and less on their own label, which is why the last few ADULT. releases have been distributed by Thrill Jockey Records rather than Ersatz Audio. Kuperus has also been showcasing her photography at museums around the U.S. and Europe.



  • 2001 Resuscitation (contains reworkings of previously released tracks)
  • 2003 Anxiety Always
  • 2005 Gimmie Trouble
  • 2007 Why Bother?

Singles and EPs

  • 1998 "Modern Romantics" (as Plasma Co.)
  • 1998 "Dispassionate Furniture"
  • 1999 "Entertainment"
  • 2000 "New-Phonies"
  • 2000 "Nausea"
  • 2002 "Misinterpreted"
  • 2002 "Limited Edition" 7"
  • 2003 "Controlled Edition" 7"
  • 2004 "T & A" 7"
  • 2004 "Split/Split/Split" 7"
  • 2005 "D.U.M.E."
  • 2005 "Numbers + ADULT. = This Seven Inch" 7"

All of ADULT.'s EPs have been issued on the 12 inch vinyl format.