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artist information

Acda en De Munnik

Acda en De Munnik (Acda and De Munnik) is a Dutch cabaret and music duo, Thomas Acda IPA: and Paul de Munnik IPA: . While their songs in Dutch are musically simple and well-crafted, the texts are most important. Striking is the harmony between both their voices. At the Amsterdamse Toneel & Kleinkunstacademie they were advised to listen carefully to Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. When they just started, their voices have also occasionally been compared to those of Simon and Garfunkel. By now they have developed their own recognizable style.


  • 1997 Acda En De Munnik (Acda And De Munnik)
  • 1997 Zwerf'On (Roam'On)
  • 1998 Naar Huis (To Home)
  • 1999 Op Voorraad Live (Live In Stock)
  • 2000 Hier Zijn (Be Here)
  • 2001 Live Met Het Metropole Orkest (Live With The Metropolitan Orchestra)
  • 2002 Trilogie (Trilogy)
  • 2002 Groeten Uit Maaiveld (Greetings From Mediocrity)
  • 2004 Liedjes van Lenny (Songs from Lenny)
  • 2005 Adem

The album Groeten Uit Maaiveld is the first album by Acda en de Munnik that was produced without first performing the songs in theater. Together with Liedjes van Lenny this album forms the base of the rock comedy Ren Lenny Ren (Run Lenny Run).

Hit Summary

Based on data from the Dutch Top 40, with translations of the titles

  • 1998 #2 Niet of nooit geweest (Not myself or never been)
  • 1998 #22 Laat me slapen (Let me sleep)
  • 1998 tip Het regent zonnestralen (It's raining sunrays)
  • 1999 tip Ol' 55 (a cover of the Tom Waits classic)
  • 2000 #24 De Kapitein (deel 2) (The Captain (part 2))
  • 2001 tip Verkeerd verbonden (Wrong number)
  • 2002 #17 Ren Lenny ren (Run Lenny run)
  • 2003 #10 Groeten uit Maaiveld (Greetings from Mediocrity)
  • 2003 #30 Mis ik mij (I miss me)
  • 2004 #40 Vandaag ben ik gaan lopen (Today I started walking)
  • 2004 #36 Totdat ik jou (Until I you)
  • 2005 tip Jaren ver van Hier (Years far from here)