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Afroman (born Joseph Mortimer Foreman, 28 July 1974) is a rap artist from Palmdale, California.

Life and career

Born in South Central, Los Angeles, Afroman moved to Palmdale, California as a teenager and then to Hattiesburg, Mississippi. His best-known song is the 2001 novelty song "Because I Got High", which gained popularity through Napster, local radio play, a feature on Howard Stern's radio show, and the "stoner" movie Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (and accompanying soundtrack). His other most popular song, "Crazy Rap", which has also gained popularity through P2P clients, is mostly referred to as "Colt 45". The lyrics of the songs on "Afroholic" begin with references to drugs and sex but then the last verse is usually about how Afroman has now found Jesus. In an interview for the program '50 Greatest One Hit Wonder' on British Channel 4 broadcast on 7 May, 2006, he stated that he had given up alcohol, smoking, sex and women for a while but had returned to them. He further stated that he was going to be the best alcoholic, smoking, woman-chasing Christian there was.

Afroman is also fond of referencing his independence from record labels and the "corporate world" and cites himself as an example of how an artist can take recording and distribution into his or her own hands. There is also a distinct resemblance between the chorus of Afroman's song "Palmdale" to the chorus of "Spring Love" by Stevie B.

Afroman also recorded an infamous diss track in 2004 entitled '"Whack Rappers"' in which he disses artists such as Jay-Z, Missy Elliot, The Neptunes, Kelis, B2K, Lil Jon, David Banner, Ying Yang Twins, Birdman, P. Diddy, Trina, 50 Cent and Eve, among many others. Afroman was also called out by bay area legend Yukmouth on Yukmouth's Million Dollar Game mixtape. Yukmouth raps "This nigga weak as fuck/How you gone speak on Yuk/I have my Compton goons come heat you up." While he isn't a mainstream artist, he still maintains a cult following. According to his page, he has a new album entitled "Waiting To Inhale". The album was originally entitled "Party Time". While the album still isn't available for purchase at stores, it is available at shows and for download at Afroman's "'Fro Sto. "Afroman has released several songs off the album on his MySpace page. The songs are "I Know All About You", "Ho Stopper", "Colt 45 FIVA", and "Dicc Hang Low". All of them are parodies of other hit songs.

  • "I Know All About You" - "Irreplaceable", by Beyoncé Knowles
  • "Ho Stopper" - "Show Stopper", by Danity Kane
  • "Dicc Hang Low" - "Chain Hang Low", by Jibbs
  • "My Chunc" - "My Humps", by Black Eyed Peas
  • "Spit It Out" - "Walk It Out", by Unk
  • "Smoke Some Green" - " Shoulder Lean featuring T.I.", by Young Dro
  • "Like A Bottle" - "Girlfight featuring Big Boi", by Brooke Valentine
  • "Colt 40 FIVEA" - "Soul Survivor featuring Akon", by Young Jeezy


  • My Fro-losophy (1999)
  • Because I Got High (2000)
  • Sell Your Dope (2000)
  • The Good Times (Greatest hits) (2001)
  • Afroholic... The Even Better Times (2004)
  • Jobe Bells (2004)
  • 4R0:20 (2004)
  • The Hungry Hustlerz: Starvation Is Motivation (2004)
  • Drunk'n'High (2006)
  • A Colt 45 Christmas (2006)
  • Waiting to Inhale (2007)

Drunk'n'High (2006)

  1. Let's All Get Drunk
  2. Husler Man
  3. Gotta Stop Drinkin
  4. I Live In A Van
  5. Keep It Movin
  6. Front N Back
  7. 3 Wheelin
  8. Drinkin On The Sidewalk
  9. Turn Up The Volume Knob
  10. I Refuse
  11. Scrollin Thru My Bitches
  12. White Girlz
  13. Feel Alright
  14. Drunk'N'High
  15. Cracchouse

A Colt 45 Christmas (2006)

  1. Deck My Balls
  2. Police Blow My Wad
  3. 12 J's of Christmas
  4. Afroman Is coming to Town
  5. Frosty
  6. Jobe Bells
  7. Let Her Blow
  8. A Strainj Poem
  9. I Wish You Would Roll A New Blunt
  10. O Chronic Tree
  11. Violent Night

Waiting To Inhale (2007)

  1. I Know All About You
  2. Ho Stopper
  3. Dicc Hang Low
  4. My Chunc
  5. Spit It Out
  6. Smoke Some Green
  7. Like A Bottle
  8. Colt 40 FIVA
  9. Jumped Up G'd Up
  10. Po Bitch
  11. Po Bitch
  12. I'm Black and Proud