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Agnelli & Nelson

Agnelli & Nelson, the collective name of Northern Irish pair Chris Agnelli and Robbie Nelson (who also produce under the names Afterburn, Cortez, Green Atlas, and Quincey & Sonance), writers and producers of dance music, are notable for helping to define the genre of Trance music since 1997.


Since 1997, Chris Agnelli and Robbie Nelson have been writing and producing dance music, of which their hits El Nino and Everyday have become classics of their genre. They have to date produced five top 30 hits in the United Kingdom, and countless remixes, from Armin van Buuren to U2.

The pair have collaborated with other major artists, including Matt Darey, Jon the Dentist, Scott Bond, Solar Stone, and Chicane. They have also appeared on BBC Radio 1 six times to provide guest mixes. They produce music for Xtravaganza, and labels such as Tsunami and ID&T.



As Agnelli & Nelson
  • August 1998 - El Nino, Xtravaganza (UK) #21
  • September 1999 - Everyday, Xtravaganza (UK) #17
  • June 2000 - Embrace, Xtravaganza (UK) #35
  • September 2000Hudson Street, Xtravaganza (UK) #29
  • June 2002 - Everyday 2002, Xtravaganza (UK) #33
  • Angels Fly, RGB
  • Vegas, Xtravaganza
  • Shivver, Xtravaganza
  • Holding Onto Nothing, Xtravaganza (UK) #41, Vandit (Germany)
As Afterburn
  • Summer Sun, Tsunami
  • North Pole, Xtravaganza
  • Frattboy, Xtravaganza
As Cortez
  • Scaramanga (Feat. Fergie), ID&T
  • The Force (Feat. Fergie), ID&T
As Green Atlas
  • Circulation, Tatsumaki
  • Communicate, Tatsumaki


As Agnelli & Nelson
  • Bossanova, Stonecold, Tsunami
  • Armin Van Buuren, Blue Fear 2004, Nebula & Armada
  • Alex Gold, Paradise, Xtravaganza
  • Ferry Corsten, Its Time, Tsunami + Positiva
  • Solar Stone Vs Scott Bond, 3rd Earth, Made In England
  • Rio Klein, Fearless, Nettwerk
  • Li Kwan (Matt Darey), Point Zero, Mash Up
  • Jon The Dentist, Gobal Phazes, Duty Free
  • Louise, 2 Faced, EMI
  • Lange, Follow Me, Positiva
  • Alex Gold, La Today, Xtravaganza
  • Fusion, Spectrum, JOOF
  • Maya, Let Me Be, RGB
  • Phunky Phantom, Handz In The Air, Unknown
  • Liquid, Orlando Dawn, Xtravaganza
  • Ruff Driverz, Chosen Ones, EMI
  • Midas, Fire In The Sky, Credance
  • Slipmatt, Space, Concept
  • Sipping Soma, Consciences, RGB
  • Chicane Feat Bryan Adams, Don't Give Up 2004, Xtravaganza
  • I'm Addicted, Alphastates, Self
  • Classified project, Starlight Chaser, mondo
As Quincey & Sonance
  • U2, Beautiful Day, Island
  • U2, Elevation, Island


As Agnelli & Nelson
  • Hudson Street, Xtravaganza
  • Ibiza Euphoria, Telestar
  • (with Alex Gold) Authentico Ibiza, Xtravaganza