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artist information


Anacrusis was a progressive/melodic thrash metal band from St. Louis, MO. Anacrusis was one of the first bands that attempted to blend thrash and progressive metal.


The members of Anacrusis grew up in and around St. Louis, MO, and found a common bond in bands such as Kiss before discovering Black Sabbath. After the breakup of his High School band, Heaven's Flame, singer and guitarist Kenn Nardi teamed up with guitarist Kevin Heidbreder, bassist John Emery, and drummer Mike Owen to form a band named Anacrusis in late 1986. Unsure about his own singing abilities, Nardi convinced the band to tune all the way down from natural "E" to a low-"B," creating a distinctive sound which would soon become the band's trademark.

Anacrusis' first demo, which they named Annihilation Complete was voted Best Demo of 1987 by the readers of Metal Forces Magazine and was later included in the publication's Scream Your Brains Out compilation album. This led to a deal with England-based indie Active Records, for whom the group created their first album, Suffering Hour, the following year. Recorded on on the low 1,200-dollar budget in just under a week. The following Reason album beang revealing signs of the band's popular sound. Anacrusis toured in support of the band D.R.I., but without an album released on an American label, the drummer Mike Owen quit to join the Navy shortly after they returned home. Former Heaven's Flame member Chad Smith took over the drums, while the band eventually got signed to the American label Metal Blade records.

In 1991, Manic Impressions was their first album proper studio recording, recorded at Royal Recorders in Lake Geneva, WI. A tour supporting Overkill and Galactic Cowboys followed, and the band finished the year on a high note, opening a set of Midwestern dates for Megadeth. After the tour, on returning to St. Louis, they devoted the next few months to writing new material, and after replacing Smith with drummer Paul Miles, work finally began on their 1993 album Screams & Whispers. This would remain their final album, as the band broke up after it's release.


Last known members

  • Kenn Nardi - Guitars, Vocals
  • Kevin Heidbreder - Guitars
  • John Emery - Bass
  • Paul Miles - Drums

Former/past members

  • Chad Smith - Drums (note: he's not the one from the Red Hot Chili Peppers)
  • Mike Owen - Drums


  • Annihilation Complete (1987) - demo
  • Scream Your Brains Out (1987) - Metal Blade Records compilation with songs "Annihilation Complete" and "Imprisoned"
  • Suffering Hour (1988)
  • Quick To Doubt (1989) - unauthorized demo
  • Reason (1990)
  • Manic Impressions (1991)
  • Screams and Whispers (1993)