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Atrophy was a thrash metal band formed in 1986 in Tucson, Arizona, USA by Chris Lykins, James Gulotta, and Brian Zimmerman. The original bandname was Heresy, but by the time the band was rounded out to its professional line-up – with Tim Kelly and Rick Skowron joining the fold – the name was changed.

In 1987, the band produced two cassette demos and were subsequently picked up by major thrash metal specialist label, Roadrunner Records. They recorded two albums – Socialized Hate in 1988, and Violent By Nature in 1990 – and toured the USA and Europe with fellow Arizonians Sacred Reich and Swiss band, Coroner.

Following the European tour, Chris Lykins left the band to go to medical school. The band attempted to carry on with new members and even got so far as making a pre-production tape for a third album, but Roadrunner Records lost confidence in the band – Chris Lykins was one of the main songwriters – and they were dropped by the label as a consequence.

Tim Kelly and James Gulotta went on to form a band called Head Circus, which Rick Skowron is also a member of intermittently, but they have yet to record a studio album. .

Chris Lykins completed medical school and is now a plastic surgeon, James Gulotta runs a tile business, and Rick Skowron is an avionics engineer and avid motorcycle racer.

Past members

  • Brian Zimmerman – vocals
  • Chris Lykins – guitar
  • Rick Skowron – guitar
  • James Gulotta – bass
  • Tim Kelly – drums


Studio albums

  • Socialized Hate (1988) Roadrunner Records
  • Violent by Nature (1990) Roadrunner Records


  • Chemical Dependency demo (1987)
  • Second demo (1987)