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Aaron Hall

Aaron Hall (born 10 August 1964 in Bronx, New York) is an American R&B singer and songwriter. He was a member of the 80s and 90s trio Guy, along with new jack swing founder Teddy Riley and songwriter Timmy Gatling, and later Hall's brother Damian.

As member of Guy, Hall rose to fame as lead singer of hits like "Groove Me", "I Like" and "Piece of My Love" (from the group's self-titled debut album) and "Let's Chill" and "Do Me Right" (from their second album, The Future) before the trio disbanded in the end of 1991. His vocal dinstinction is strangely similar to that of Charlie Wilson, a member of the R&B/Funk group The Gap Band. They also collaborated in 1992 on the soundtrack to Eddie Murphy's hit film Boomerang (film).

As a solo singer, his hits include the #1 R&B single, "Don't Be Afraid" (from the "Juice" soundtrack in 1991 & also on popular videogame Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, playing on Funk radio station CSR 103.9) and his Top 3 single, "I Miss You" (from his solo debut in 1994). He also participated in several projects with R. Kelly and joined Kelly and a group of fellow R&B singers in the song "U Will Know" from the "Jason's Lyric" soundtrack. Coincidentally, It has long been said (jokingly) that Kelly should thank Hall for his success due to their similar styles.

Hall reunited with his brother and Riley as Guy on their 1999 reunion album, Guy III, which featured the modest hit, "Dancin'".

In July 2005, Aaron Hall came out with his last album entitled Adults Only: The Final Album.

He has a son with "video honey" and aspiring rapper Gloria Velez, whom he has not seen since the child was a toddler. Velez says he has never paid any child support, a claim Hall does not deny, although he said he has tried to locate her and would like to see his son. Velez countered by saying that if he wanted to find her, she is not hard to find and if he wants to see his son, he should hire a lawyer. She has said she was abused both physically and verbally during their relationship and does not want her son exposed to Hall.



  • The Truth (1993)
  • Inside of You (1998)
  • Adults Only: The Final Album (2005)


Chart PositionsAlbum
Hot 100
1992"Don't Be Afraid"441Juice soundtrack & The Truth
1993"Get a Little Freaky with Me"-48The Truth
1993"Let's Make Love"-36The Truth
1994"I Miss You"142The Truth
1994"When You Need Me"-30The Truth
1995"Curiosity"-36Dangerous Minds soundtrack
1995"Scent of Attraction (duet w/Patra)"-82Scent Of Attraction
1998"All The Places (I Will Kiss You)"268Inside of You
2000"Why You Tryin' to Play Me"-- 

Aaron Hall also recorded a duet with Jamaican reggae vocalist Patra, on her album "Scent Of Attraction" in 1995. The single they recorded was of the same name. The couple were also rumoured to be dating around the time.