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Aes Dana

Aes Dana is a French Celtic black metal band, based in Paris. The name of the band is derived from the Scottish Gaelic Aois-dàna, which means "people of the arts".

The band mix black metal features like growling vocals or heavy guitar sound with traditional Celtic instruments like Irish flute or Bombard. These characteristics, coming from the various influences bring by the band's early members (Death metal, Black metal, Grindcore, but also Traditional music), give a very particular touch to their music.

Their lyrics (in French in their last albums) often deal with Northern European mythology and surroundings.


Aes Dana was formed in 1994, with Taliesin (guitar) and Amorgen (Irish flute), soon joined by Vidar (vocals), Storm (Drums), and Christophe (bass). Their first demo, Chroniques du Crépuscule, was considered by the band as being atmospheric Black metal.

In 1997 and 1999, Christophe was replaced by Milambre, and Storm by JuanJolocaust, and Seth join Taliesin as second guitarist.

They recorded in French their first full-length album in 2000. Seth leaved the band the same year to be replaced by Tilion.

Following 2000, the band started to add new traditional instruments as Bombard to their music. They recorded their second album La Chasse Sauvage, in 2001, and their third Formors, in 2005.

In 2006, Hades left to be replaced by Myrddyn.

Band members

Current members

  • Vidar : - Vocalist - (1994-)
  • Benoit : - Guitarist - (2005-)
  • Tilion : - Guitarist - (2000-)
  • Milambre : - Bassist - (1997-)
  • Myrddyn : Irish flute - (2006-)
  • JuanJolocaust : - Drummer - (1999-)

Former members

  • Amorgen - Irish flute and Bombard - (1994-2004), was involved in Bran Barr
  • Taliesin : Guitarist - (1994-2005), was involved in Bran Barr
  • Storm - Percussionist - (1994-1999), was involved in Antaeus and Arkhon Infaustus
  • Christophe - Bassist - (1994-1997)
  • Seth - Guitarist - (1997-2000), now involved in Antaeus, and Aosoth
  • Hades : - Irish flute and Bombard - (2004-2006)


 Date of ReleaseTitleLabel
 1996Chroniques du CrépusculeDemo album
 2000MCD 2000Autoproduction
 2001La Chasse SauvageSacralProductions
 2005FormorsOaken Shield


  • Until 2005, the band had the particularity to have as many women as men in its line-up (Amorgen, Taliesin, and Milambre versus Vidar, JuanJolocaust, and Tilion). According to the band, it was not a deliberate decision, but just the product of chance.


  1. ^ Aois-dàna stands for men of the early Irish society, who were skilled in various arts or techniques, primarily in poetic composition.
  2. ^ Interview of Taliesin on (In French)