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Agua de Annique

Agua de Annique is a solo project of Anneke van Giersbergen, the former vocalist of The Gathering.


The project was announced on 2007-06-05, the same day that both The Gathering and Anneke van Giersbergen issued separate announcements that van Giersbergen would leave the band in August.

She and her new bandmates laid down some basic tracks at the Waterfront Studios in Rotterdam and recorded overdubs at The Void in Eindhoven, as well as in the comfort of her own home studio. Several of these songs have been made available on the band's official web site. A track, Ice Water, has been said to feature additional vocals by Kristin Fjellseth, as well as string arrangement by Jeffrey Fayman. Heleen de Witte is said to play flute on unspecified tracks while Timothy Conroy provides some trumpet work. They released an album called "Air" at the end of 2007, mixed by Jon Anders Narum. For the week ending 7/02/09 (first week of release) Pure Air(album) entered the GfK Dutch Charts at No.42 her highest ever chart position.


  • Anneke van Giersbergen - lead singer/piano/guitars
  • Joris Dirks - guitars/vocals
  • Jacques de Haard - bass
  • Rob Snijders - drums


  • "Air" (2007)
  1. "Beautiful One"
  2. "Witnesses"
  3. "Yalin"
  4. "Day After Yesterday"
  5. "My Girl"
  6. "Take Care Of Me"
  7. "Ice Water"
  8. "You Are Nice!"
  9. "Trail Of Grief"
  10. "Come Wander With Me"
  11. "Sunken Soldiers Ball"
  12. "Lost And Found"
  13. "Asleep"
  • "Day After Yesterday" (Single, 2007) - includes "Witnesses"
  • "Come Wander With Me" (Download only single, 2008)
  • "Pure Air" (2009)
  1. "The Blower's Daughter (feat. Danny Cavanagh from Anathema)"
  2. "Beautiful One (feat. Niels Geusebroek from Silkstone)"
  3. "Wild Flowers"
  4. "Day after Yesterday (feat. Marike Jager)"
  5. "Come Wander With Me (feat. Kyteman)"
  6. "Valley of the Queens (feat. Arjen Lucassen, Ayreon)"
  7. "To Catch a Thief (feat. John Wetton from King Crimson and Asia)"
  8. "Ironic"
  9. "What's the reason? (feat. Niels Geusebroek)"
  10. "Yalin"
  11. "Somewhere (feat. Sharon den Adel from Within Temptation)"
  12. "Witnesses"
  13. "The Power of Love"