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All Shall Perish

All Shall Perish is a 5-piece deathcore band from Oakland, California formed in 2002. All Shall Perish combines various genres, including death metal, deathgrind, metalcore, and sludge metal. Since 2005, All Shall Perish have delivered two records off of Nuclear Blast. The first album, Hate, Malice, Revenge, was originally released by Japanese record label Amputated Vein Records in 2003. In 2005, it was re-released by Nuclear Blast and since then has received mostly underground acclaim. In 2006, The Price of Existence was released to largely positive critical reaction. The first single, "Eradication", was made into a video and is played on MTV2's Headbanger's Ball.

Guitarist Caysen Russo and vocalist Craig Betit only appear on the band's first studio album, they were both replaced, respectively, with Chris Storey and Hernan "Eddie" Hermida by the time of their second release.

Band members

Current members

  • Hernan "Eddie" Hermida - Vocals
  • Chris Storey - Lead guitar
  • Ben Orum - Rhythm guitar
  • Mike Tiner - Bass
  • Matt Kuykendall - Drums / Percussion

Former members

  • Caysen Russo - Lead guitar (On Hate, Malice, Revenge)
  • Craig Betit - Vocals (On Hate, Malice, Revenge)
  • James Ghomer - Drums/Percussion (Worm's Band)


All Shall Perish have completed several successful tours across America in the past year, sharing the stage with a variety of fellow deathcore groups, including acts such as Suicide Silence, Through the Eyes of the Dead, The Acacia Strain, Misery Index, Job for a Cowboy, Antagony, among many others. The band maintained a blog during their early 2006 tour, known as the Spreading Disease tour. It can be read on the band's official web page, as well as on their MySpace page. All Shall Perish has recently had a tour with Stick To Your Guns, War Of Ages, The Warriors, and Terror. They were also on The Darkness Over Europe 2007 tour with Bleeding Through, I Killed The Prom Queen and Caliban.

Band name

Previously the band was called "End of All". Matt Kuykendall has commented on the origin of the band's name, how he came up with it: "Sitting in my room in Berkeley, California, reading news websites and thinking about the fucked up shit going on in the world and my own life at the time. The name itself is a simple truism, but it's something that we all too easily forget."


Studio Albums

Album CoverDate of ReleaseTitleLabelUS Billboard PeakUS sales
 2003 (re-released on April 19, 2005 by Nuclear Blast)Hate, Malice, RevengeAmputed Vein / Nuclear Blast  
 August 8, 2006The Price of ExistenceNuclear Blast Around 10,000