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Alpha 606

Alpha 606, also known as Armando Martinez (born November 15, 1974 in Hialeah, Florida, U.S.), is an acoustic/electronic artist based out of Miami. The group was founded by Rey Rubio and Armando Martinez in 1998. Martinez is a programmer/composer and Rubio is a performing sound engineer. "Rubio and Martinez ensure that the drums don't 'sit on top' of the track, instead processing the rhythms so that they're subsumed into the rest of it, forming an elastic foundation." The group was joined by two percussionists in 2003, Marino Hernandez and Danny Chirino.

"The music itself... is a futuristic homage to Cuban culture, fusing warm machine tones and crisp bass notes with Afro-Cuban drums."

Their debut ep, Computer Controlled, was released on Dopamine Records in 2004. "US duo reveals there in three cuts its immoderate taste for a dancefloor minimal electro of a high quality, at once percussive, futuristic, heading and fresh."The group played a few live shows as four, but shortly thereafter parted ways. Armando has continued touring and performing as Alpha 606 since 2004 with his solo laptop sets. Alpha 606 live shows have been recorded in Barcelona, London, Brussels, Helsinki, Bournemouth, Birmingham and Miami.

Alpha 606 has since then been released on Touchin' Bass, Andrea Parker's label on the Subsidence and Nobody's Perfect Part Two releases with the track, Anarchy in China.



  • Computer Controlled (12") Dopamine Records 2004


  • Nomadic Metro-Mover (12") Alphaphix (Alpha 606 Guanabana Mix) Dopamine Records 2005
  • Exzakt Reworked and Remixed (12") Sleeping With The Enemy (Alpha 606 mix) Monotone 2006

Tracks Appear On

  • Future Sound of Breaks (CD) Domino Sound Records (US) 2005
  • Subsidence (CD, Promo) Anarchy In China Touchin' Bass 2005
  • Subsidence (2xLP) Anarchy In China Touchin' Bass 2005
  • Subsidence (CD) Anarchy In China Touchin' Bass 2005
  • Nobody's Perfect Part Two (CD, Promo) Anarchy In China Touchin' Bass 2006
  • Nobody's Perfect Part Two (CD) Anarchy In China Touchin' Bass 2006