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André van Duin

André van Duin (pseudonym for Adrianus Marinus Kyvon; born 20 February 1947 in Rotterdam) is a Dutch actor (in comedy and theatre), singer, writer and program creator.

Van Duin was discovered in 1964 when he won the AVRO talent quest show Nieuwe Oogst, which gave him the opportunity to debut on television with the singers Willy and Willeke Alberti.

From 1967 onwards, André van Duin appeared regularly on Dutch television. After a few years, he started his career in theatre. In his first appearances, he was often supported by fellow actors Frans van Dusschoten and Corrie van Gorp.

In 1972, André van Duin began the radio program Dik Voormekaar Show. First with Radio Noordzee, later with the NCRV and TROS.

André van Duin has played the main lead in several Dutch films. His most famous roles are that of Joep Meloen in the film Ik ben Joep Meloen and that of a travelling dentist in De Boezemvriend.

As a singer, André van Duin has quite a number of popular songs to his name. He has had hits such as Het bananenlied, Angelique, De tamme boerenzoon, File, Doorgaan and Willy Alberti, bedankt. He has also had some hits that grew from stage performances such as Er staat een paard in de gang (1981), Ik heb hele grote bloemkolen and Pizzalied (Effe Wachte...). The latter reached the top of the Dutch hit parade in late 1993.

In 1976, Van Duin enjoyed success with the song Willempie. However, some listeners considered it a caricature of mentally challenged people, although the song was not intended as such. With the prospect of becoming a legal matter, Van Duin was asked to make a public apology. Willempie was number one on AVRO's "Top Pop" hitparade for three weeks, but for a while the song was not listed because of the controversy.

On December 13, 2006, André van Duin announced his intention to get married to his boyfriend Martin Elferink on December 23, 2006.