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Anouk Stotijn-Teeuwe (born April 8, 1975, in The Hague) is a Dutch singer. She married Remon Stotijn (aka The Anonymous Mis, frontman of the hip hop/rap band Postmen) on March 16, 2004 and is the mother of three children; son Benjahmin Kingsley (b. April 18, 2002), son Elijah Jeramiah (b. December 5, 2003) and daughter Phoenix Ray (born June 3, 2005).


Anouk got interested in music because her mother was (and is) a singer. Anouk initially sang at weddings and parties with the band Shotgun Wedding, prior to meeting Barry Hay of the Golden Earring, a friend of her ex-husband Edwin Jansen. Hay believed Anouk to have talent, and offered to write her some songs, one of which was Mood Indigo; written in collaboration with George Kooymans (also from the Golden Earring).

After she met Bart van Veen, her co-writer, the pair wrote a few songs. On September 5, 1997, she released her second single, Nobody's Wife, which remained at the top of the Dutch music charts for a number of weeks. Her debut album, Together Alone also turned out to be a huge success.

In 1998, Anouk won two awards from Dutch music station TMF (The Music Factory) in addition to an Edison award. During the summer, she played at various festivals, including two 'big ones', Pinkpop and Parkpop.

Her second album, Urban Solitude, was released in November 1999, and included the single R U Kiddin' Me. This song reached the Dutch Top 100.

Shortly afterwards, Anouk went to the United States in order to get a record deal. Negotiations with her American label (Sony) ended badly, causing her to return to the Netherlands without a deal. She released a new song, Don't, and began touring the Netherlands in February 2001.

In March 2001, she released another album, Lost Tracks, which contained acoustic versions and B-sides from older songs, and various duets with K's Choice singer Sarah Bettens and The Anonymous Mis. She was awarded the Popprijs award in 2001 and a Golden Harp in 2003.

In November 2002, the album Graduated Fool was released. This is the heaviest rock album in Anouk's career so far. In addition there's the Graduated Fool Tour.

Her latest full length release is called Hotel New York (2004) and yielded a total of four singles: Girl, Lost, Jerusalem and One Word.

Anouk moved to Ohio in December 2005. Before she left, she gave two concerts in Antwerp, (Belgium) and four concerts at Ahoy' Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

On April 8, her birthday, she performed for the first time in 2006 for a selected public at the Melkweg, a concert venue in Amsterdam.

On Saturday 20 May, Krezip and Anouk performed at the Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam. Although tickets were only available for Start Live members, the hall was full with Krezip and Anouk fans.

Tuesday 23 May, Anouk's first full show in the Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, with support act Fire Fly. Although this show was just 88 minutes, it was a great and powerful one.

Friday 18 August, it seems this will be Anouk's last show this year. At the Lowlands festival, the show started with the Sacrifice song, she didn't on festivals. Later that evening, she did an additional acoustic gig for three songs.

Music Awards

  • TMF Awards:
    • Best New Single ("Nobody's Wife")
    • Best Newcoming act
  • Edison Awards: 2 awards
  • TMF Awards: 4 awards
  • TMF Awards:
    • Best Single, Best Female
    • Best Live Act
    • Best Videoclip
  • Edison Awards:
    • Best Female Artist (vote public)
    • Best Artist (vote jury)
  • Edison Awards: Best Single
  • Noorderslag Popprijs 2001
  • Golden Harp 2003
  • Edison Awards: Best Dutch Female
  • TMF Awards: Best Female
  • 3FM Radio Awards:
    • Best Female, Schaal van Rigter (best single "Girl")
    • Duiveltje (musicians votes there best collega)
  • Dutch TMF Awards: Best Female National
  • Belgium TMF Awards:
    • Best Female Artist International
    • Best Album International
    • Best Video International
  • MTV Awards: Best Dutch/Belgium Act
  • Twee medailles (best female and single international "Girl") on Humo's Pop Poll 2005 Belgium
  • 3FM award Best Female
  • Edison Award: Best Dutch Female (her 6th Edison)
  • Dutch TMF Awards:
    • Best Female National
    • Best Rock Act
    • Best Video, Postman ft. Anouk "DownHill"
  • Belgium TMF Awards:
    • Best Live Act International
  • MTV Europe Music Awards Best Dutch Act