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Astral Projection

Astral Projection are an electronic musical group producing Goa Trance music. They are based in Israel. Its members are Avi Nissim and Lior Perlmutter, although they started out with Yaniv Haviv and Guy Sabbag as well. In addition to an extensive discography (mostly with their own record company, Trust in Trance, which later merged with Phonokol, although they used Transient in the very beginning and for the re-release of Trust in Trance 3 under their own name), the group has an extensive worldwide touring schedule. They have produced 9 albums, the most recent of which is Ten, released in 2004. With their fast-paced, innovative style, Astral Projection have created such hits as "Kabalah", "People Can Fly", "Mahadeva" and "Dancing Galaxy".

Astral Projection Today

Astral Projection make "full-on trance" combined with goa elements today. Fans of goa-trance claim that Astral Projection has lost their distinctive sound in favor of the "full on trance" style. However, their last two tracks "Open Society" and "The Prophecy" have been greeted more enthusiastically by goa-trance fans, causing renewed interest among goa-trance fans in their new album Open Society due in 2007.


  • Trust in Trance 1 (Outmosphere Records/Phonokol 1994)
  • Trust in Trance 2 (Outmosphere Records/Phonokol 1995)
  • Trust in Trance 3 (Trust in Trance Records/Phonokol 1996) (TIP World UK release)**
  • The Astral Files (Trust in Trance Records/Phonokol 1996) (Transient Recs euro version)*
  • Dancing Galaxy (Trust in Trance Records/Phonokol 1997) (Transient Recs euro version)
  • Another World (Trust in Trance Records/Phonokol 1999) (Transient Recs euro version) *
  • In the Mix (Trust in Trance Records/Phonokol 1999) (Transient Recs euro version)*
  • Amen (Phonokol 2002) (Transient Recs euro version)*
  • Ten (Phonokol 2004) (Transient Recs euro version)*
  • - released in the UK by London based Transient records , a friendly label of Trust in Trance , its just a european version for european market
    • - released by another London based label TIP World in 1996 as ' Trust in Trance '

Nowadays Astral Projection is ready to release the new album called ' Open Society '