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artist information


AWAKEN is an underground music project based in Belgium. It released two albums and numerous demo tapes and web-singles since its start in early 1988.

The name

The band's name AWAKEN means "a matter of bubbles." It is also a tribute to a Yes song. The band is also known as:

  • 泡件 (awaken) or アワケン in Japanese
  • 泡件 (pàojiàn) in Chinese
  • "Trường Hợp Bong Bóng" in Vietnamese

Repertoire (original songs and covers)

AWAKEN mixes original songs and covers, a similar attitude to Manfred Mann and Vanilla Fudge earlier. Artists that have been covered by AWAKEN include: Dick Annegarn, Tony Banks, Bee Gees, David Bowie, Georges Brassens, Captain Beyond, Cerrone, Alain Chamfort, Cold Chisel, Peter Criss, Deep Purple, Depeche Mode, Earth Wind & Fire, Fish, Matthew Fisher, Genesis, Gillan/Glover, Philip Glass, Michael Jackson, Jackson 5, Jacksons, Quincy Jones, Patrick Juvet, KISS, Renaud Lhoest, Jon Lord, Paul McCartney, Manfred Mann's Earth Band, Metallica, Rufus, Frank Sinatra, Sparks, Al Stewart, Donna Summer, Supremes, Tangerine Dream, Toto, Uriah Heep, Vanilla Fudge, Neil Young.


Still active 19 years after its start, AWAKEN has a side-project named NEKOKAWA since 2002, focussing on instrumental, ambient and hypnotic side of its music. NEKOKAWA is 猫川 in Japanese and Dòng Sông Mèo in Vietnamese.


AWAKEN's style is hard to define, though the roots of AWAKEN are clearly deep inside the eighties and seventies, mixing disco beats and progressive structures, karaoke arrangements and dark heavy sounds, Belgian New Beat rhythms and romantic New Wave. The instumentation is often focussed on keyboards and electronic sounds though guitar and bass guitar are more audible in recent songs. AWAKEN's latest songs have been influenced by various places in Japan and the rest of the world : "The Train Is Leaving Kokura" mentions Kokura (小倉)and Usa (宇佐), "Beppu Nights" happens in Beppu (別府), known for its hot springs, "Wasabi Kiss" describes the peninsula of Shuzenji) and "As A Start : Cà Phê And Pizza" is an imaginary trip from Italy, Vietnam and Japan.


Lots of musicians and guests have played with AWAKEN, including Trịnh Thanh Duyên, Zoé de York, 猪瀬悠理, みゆ, 五味田敬子, 福地麗, 森紀和子, Julie Absil, Fabien Remblier, Gilles Snowcat, Ced Mattys, Lionel meessen, Cedric Hamelrijck, and more.


Though independent, AWAKEN is collaborating with Japanese label It's Oh! Music and appears on J-pop singer Koiko's cd "Vitamin!". In 1999, AWAKEN was invited twice on stage to perform the song "Last Days Of The Century" with its creator Al Stewart (Al Stewart and Awaken pics)



  • Tales Of Acid Ice Cream (1996)
  • Party In Lyceum's Toilets (2001)

web-singles (non-exhaustive listing)

  • One Wild War (2002)
  • 山葵KISS (Wasabi Kiss) (2003)
  • 五本木の星 (Gohongi No Hoshi) (2003)
  • DRUNKEN熊 (Drunken Kuma) (2004)
  • When Alena Entered The Quiet Room (2004)
  • Chú Mèo Ngủ Quên (2005)
  • As A Start : Cà Phê & Pizza (2006)
  • 別府NIGHTS (mini-album) (2006)


  • Numb (1993)
  • Phase 2 : Scrappy (1993)
  • Zéro Sur Dix, Encore Raté ! (Gilles Snowcat solo, 1994)
  • Awaken 3 : Blurp ! (1995)

vintage songs (non-exhaustive listing)

  • Polygonal Mirror (1988)
  • Sandrine (1988)
  • Memories Of A Teenage Cat (original version) (1989)