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Christopher Williams

Christopher Williams (born Troy Christopher Williams on August 22, 1967, in The Bronx, New York, USA) is an American R&B singer.

Music career

Williams emerged during the late 1980s as a recording artist for Geffen Records has scored many hit singles. Notable singles by Williams included "Promises, Promises" (1989), "Talk to Myself" (1989) and "Every Little Thing U Do" (1993). The single "I'm Dreamin'" (1991), from the New Jack City soundtrack, became a #1 single on Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks charts. After a six-year hiatus from recording music, he returned to the music scene with Real Men Do on the indie label, Renegade, in 2001. It received a glowing, flattering review in Ebony Magazine that summer. In between solo pursuits, he has been a contributor to Alex Bugnon's "As Promised" with a jazzed up version of Mary J. Blige's "All That I Can Say", featured on "In Your World" with Twista & The Speedknot Mobstas, a very up tempo track on the soundtrack of "The Nutty Professor", and on the Cafe Soul All-Stars CD with a single titled "Used To Be". In fact, though he has been considered "out of the game", if you look at the totality of his work, he has never really gone anywhere. There are numerous artists from several genres who give full credit to him for writing lyrics, performing, producing, editing, collaborating, and simply "doing a favor for a friend".

In 2005, it was reported that Williams died of an unknown illness, but this ended up just an Internet hoax.

Acting career

Williams appeared in the successful motion picture film, New Jack City in 1991. He portrayed the role of Kareem Akbar, one of Nino Brown's assistants. He also had a cameo appearance in the 1990's police drama, New York Undercover in the episode entitled, "The Shooter" and another cameo in "Gunmen" starring Christopher Lambert and Mario Van Peebles as "the singer", performing "Stranger In My Life". He has also starred or co-starred in several successful off Broadway theatre productions during the 2000s, including "A Good Man is Hard to Find", "A House is Not a Home", and "The Man He Used To Be". Recently, Williams played a main character in the stage play "Men Cry In The Dark" written by David E. Talbert and played alongside actors Allen Payne and Richard Roundtree.


Williams reportedly has a son with actress Stacey Dash but this has never been confirmed. He is also the nephew of legendary jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald. In the late 80's or early 90's, Christopher Williams was the boyfriend of Oscar winning actress Halle Berry. Actor WESLEY SNIPES was exposed by Williams as the abusive ex-lover of HALLE BERRY, who struck the actress so hard, she lost most of the hearing in her right ear. Williams made the startling accusation against the star after getting upset with the number of people who assumed it was him who damaged the screen beauty'shearing. He told EURWEB, the entertainment news website, "The stuff they wrote about me and Halle was totally false. It's been said I busted her eardrum, and I'm tired of it. I never said it before but I'm so tired of people thinking I'm the guy who did it. Wesley busted her eardrum, not me." Williams also said that the twice married star (Berry) may have personality problems which have contributed to her broken marriages and relationships. He stated, "I have men come up to me like, 'How could you just leave Halle Berry?' I'm like, how could you just leave the last relationship you was in?" And further, "They would probably crucify JESUS again just to get with her. It's funny because the stars that get all of the good write-ups, you go and meet them and they are total assholes." She is just a woman, but because her name is in lights, people are damned near ready to bare their souls. While Williams protests (too much) that many people believe he is responsible for permanently damaging Halle Berry's eardrum, Halle Berry is on record denying that Wesley Snipes ever hit her. Stacey Dash is similarly tight-lipped about this brutally abusive singing sensation.



  • 1989: Adventures in Paradise 1989Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums #23,
  • 1992: Changes 1992 Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums #12, The Billboard 200 #63
  • 1995: Not a Perfect Man 1995 Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums #13, The Billboard 200 #104
  • 2001: Real Men Do 2001 Renegade


YearTitleAlbumUS (R&B)US (Pop)US (Dance)
1989"Talk To Myself"/Sweet MemoriesAdventures in Paradise A44918
1989"Promises, Promises"/Lover Come BackAdventures in Paradise A7-
1990"One Girl"/Lover Come BackAdventures in Paradise A31-
1991"I'm Dreamin'"New Jack City soundtrack18916
1991"I Wanna B Ure Lover"F.S. Effect featuring Christopher Williams52-
1992"All I See"Changes19-46
1993"Every Little Thing U Do"Changes775
1993"Come Go with Me"Changes74-
1995"Dance 4 Me"Not a Perfect Man25-
1995"If You Say"Not a Perfect Man91-