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artist information

Ed Kowalczyk

Edward Joel Kowalczyk (born July 16, 1971) is the lead singer for the band Live. He counts among his influences the speaker Jiddu Krishnamurti and integral thinker Ken Wilber, and his lyrics reflect his mystical and spiritual tendency. He has influenced bands such as Daughtry, Matchbox Twenty and Breaking Benjamin.

Collaboration with other musicians

Kowalczyk has worked with musicians Stuart Davis, Glen Ballard, singer Anouk, Neneh Cherry and the Counting Crows' Adam Duritz. He has also developed a close friendship with British trip-hop pioneer Tricky and the two have worked together with Tricky contributing on Live's fifth studio album V on the song Simple Creed. Kowalczyk was featured in the Tricky song "Evolution Revolution Love," released in the 2001 album "Blowback." This song was prominently featured in an episode of NBC's The West Wing.

In 2008, he appeared in a video with will.i.am from the Black Eyed Peas and many other celebrities, including John Legend, Scarlett Johansson and rapper Nick Cannon, supporting US Presidential candidate Barack Obama. Kowalczyk has also been appearing at various campaign rallies for Obama, with will.i.am.

Outside of music

He appeared in the David Fincher film adaptation of Fight Club as a waiter. This is his only acting film credit to date.

Personal life

He currently lives in Ojai, California, with his wife Erin and two daughters, Ana Sophia and Natasha. He grew up in York, Pa., attended William Penn School District, where he met the other 3 LIVE members, who were already a band. His father was a teacher at the local High School (Northeastern).

His younger brother Adam travels along with Live on tours, assisting them on stage playing the guitar.