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artist information

Niko Bellotto

Niko Bellotto is a solo electronic musician and member of the electronic tango-infused band, Baires. Half-Swedish and Argentinian, Bellotto was born in Argentina and raised in both, Spain and Sweden. His career spans three decades, first introduced into the electronic field in the early 1980s as a DJ. He subtly blends a variety of styles ranging from house music, tech-house, and tango music.

Bellotto created and manages the critically acclaimed Tangent Beats record label based in Stockholm, which has released material from such notable artists as Alexi Delano, Casey Hogan, John Dahlback and Håkan Lidbo. In 2001 and 2002, he was nominated for two Grammys for his production skills in electronic music and is in demand internationally as a DJ, producer and remixer. With dozens of 12-inch singles, collaborations, and remixes to his credit many which have been released under such esteemed record labels as Defected, Plastic City, Suburbia, Loop, Route 33 as well as his own imprint, Tangent Beats.

Currently, he has put together Baires with fellow DJ and producer, Juan Fernando Maguid(also known under monikers DJ Djablo, Detonator, and Alta Fuse Collective). Baires is a 5-piece live band experimenting with electronic elements, jazz, and tango music stemming from their Argentinian roots. Their new album, Exilio was released September of 2005.


Singles EPs

  • Niko Bellotto & Dick Track/World Club EP/Loop Rec
  • Adam Beyer & Niko Bellotto/The Pump EP/Primate Rec
  • Niko Bellotto & Gol/State Of Mind EP/Plastic City
  • Niko Bellotto/Conesa/Suburbia/Plastic City
  • Niko Bellotto & Pawel Kobak/More Than You Know EP/Tangent Beats
  • Håkan Lidbo & Niko Bellotto/From Stockholm With Love EP/Tangent Beats
  • Martin Venetjoky & Niko Bellotto/Jazzed EP/Tangent Beats
  • Baires / Baires EP / Tangent Beats
  • Baires / Exilio (Album) Tangent Beats
  • Niko Bellotto Feat Aural / My Definition EP / Tangent Beats


  • Håkan Lidbo / What Is Love (Temperamento Mix)
  • Penguin Republic / The 9 / (Nb's Straight 2 The 4 Rmx)Tangent Beats
  • Pawel Kobak Feat Maria Angelli (Niko Bellotto Rmx)Route 33
  • Martin Venetjoky / I Am Alive (Niko Bellotto Rmx)Tangent Beats

Remixed By

  • Dimitri From Paris (Niko Bellotto & Pawel Kobak/Love For You) Defected
  • Pete Moss (Trumpet Jam) Test 542
  • Alexkid (Baires Theme) Tangent Beats
  • Ben Wijay (Baires Theme) Tangent Beats
  • Martin Venetjoky (Latin Impressions) Tangent Beats