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Bobby Byrd (1934)
Jessye Norman (1945)
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artist information


Überzone is Fullerton, California native Timothy Wiles a.k.a Q (James Bond) named after the popular character in the James Bond series played by Desmond Llewelyn, well known for concoting interesting gizmos and gadgets. Wiles made a hobby out of collecting electronic music gear since his early teen year's, which greatly inspired his nickname. He has been an avid producer on the Electronic music/Breakbeat scene since the mid-90s playing at early Raves, His First show as Uberzone was for Dj Sharpe at the Edge in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Wiles has produced many popular 12 inch singles, which have been on many DJ's compilations since then, including "Botz" his first EP released on indie dance label "City Of Angels" in 1995, and Space Cadet EP following year in 1996 (containing Botz, Moondusted, The Brain and others). In 1999 he collaborated with Afrika Bambaataa "The godfather of hip-hop" from Soul Sonic Force on the electro breaks driven anthem "2 Kool 4 Skool". He has also toured extensively with such acts, like The Crystal Method. His debut album "Faith In The Future" was released on Astralwerks in 2001. Two mix CDs followed, 2002's "The Digital Mix" (Moonshine) and 2004's "Uberzone Y4K" (Distinctive Breaks). Wiles latest album "Ideology" is scheduled for release on Nitrus/Equation records on July 31st, 2007. He released his first single "Satisfaction/FUBAR" off the forthcoming album on April 17th and has another single due for release on June 19th. He has also been featured in the documentary Better Living Through Circuitry.

Instrument list

  • Access Virus
  • Korg Prophecy
  • Moog Prodigy
  • Moog Minimoog
  • Roland CR-78
  • Roland TR-606
  • Roland TR-808
  • Roland TR-909
  • Roland TB-303
  • Roland JP-8000
  • Roland Jupiter 6
  • Roland Jupiter 8
  • Roland JX-8P
  • Roland MKS-50
  • Roland MKS-70
  • Roland Juno 106
  • Roland VP-330 vocoder
  • Roland SH-101
  • Sequential Pro-One
  • Sequential Six-Track
  • Waldorf Q