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Ultrabeat are an electronic music production group based in Liverpool, England who primarily produce club and house music. Their output is generally classed under the genre known as scouse house. The earlier efforts was commercial U.K Vocal Trance productions. Ultrabeat release their work via the All Around The World record label. The group is comprised of Chris Henry, Mike Di Scala and Ian Redman.

The band's debut album, called 'Ultrabeat - The Album', will be released on September 10th 2007 which will include all of their singles. Their forthcoming single "Sure Feels Good" is being released in August 2007. There is also an error on the back of the album cover - it states that track 4, Feelin' Fine was producded by Ultrabeat v Scott Brown. When infact track 5, Elysium (I Go Crazy) was produced by them both.

Also they are set to go on a UK national tour supporting Cascada (who are also part of AATW Records), including a gig in their hometown of Liverpool.

Band Members

  • Mike Di Scala is also a well known House DJ and producer, he also works under the alias of Re-Con and Clear Vu. Provided the vocals for Pretty Green Eyes, Feelin' Fine, Better Than Life, Feel It With Me and I'm Not in Love.
  • Ian Redman is a DJ in the Scouse House music scene.
  • Chris Henry is also a DJ and Producer.


All Around The World first met with Mike di Scala through the alias Rezonance Q and the track called "Someday". In Mike's studio he and the All Around The World record company were discussing "Someday", when he played them his cover of 'Force & Styles' 1997 Happy hardcore song "Pretty Green Eyes"

Someday went to #29 in the chart and Pretty Green Eyes went on to be a #2 hit, being playlisted on Radio 1. It is still played all over Europe and is acknowledged as one of the biggest dance singles of 2003. The following singles were Feelin Fine' (#12), Better Than Life (#23), Feel It With Me (#57) and Elysium (#38).

Their records have been constantly supported by Scouse House DJ, Lee Butler, who helped launch them into stardom.



  • Ultrabeat - The Album #8 UK


Release DateSingleChart Position
4th August 2003Pretty Green Eyes#2 (UK Singles Chart)
15th December 2003Feelin' Fine#12 (UK Singles Chart)
30th August 2004Better Than Life#23 (UK Singles Chart)
19th September 2005Feel It With Me#57 (UK Singles Chart)
24th April 2006Elysium (I Go Crazy)#38 (UK Singles Chart)
20th August 2007Sure Feels Good#52 (UK Singles Chart


Chronological list of songs remixed by Ultrabeat:

  • "If You Leave Me Now" (Ultrabeat remix)
    The System presents Kerri B
    February 1, 2003
  • "Overload" (Ultrabeat remix)
    Voodoo & Serano
    August 16, 2003
  • "Irish Blue" (Ultrabeat remix)
    Flip & Fill feat. Junior
    January 17, 2004
  • "Look At Us" (Ultrabeat remix)
    Northern Heightz
    March 8, 2004
  • "Come (Into My Dream)" (Ultrabeat mix)
    October 25, 2004
  • "It's Over Now" (Ultrabeat mix)
    Big Ang feat. Siobhan
    August 29, 2005
  • "Easy" (Ultrabeat remix)
    December 4, 2006
  • "I Will Love Again" (Ultrabeat remix)
    Kelly Llorenna
    March 12, 2007