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Yarbrough and Peoples

Yarbrough and Peoples was an R&B duo from Dallas, Texas.


The duo consisted of Cavin Yarbrough (background vocals/keyboardist) and Alisa Peoples (lead vocalist). They were discovered by Charlie Wilson of the GAP Band, and signed to the Total Experience Production in 1980.

Their biggest hit single was "Don't Stop the Music" (Pop #19, R&B #1 from 5 weeks in 1981), from their debut album The Two of Us, released in 1980. The album went gold, peaking at #16 in the Billboard Hot 200 album chart. The UK single release of "Don't Stop The Music" also reached #7 in the UK Singles Chart, early the following year.

Their continued their R&B success throughout the 1980s, with four more R&B Top Ten hits, including another #1.

Yarbrough and Peoples' single chart successes also include:

  • "Heartbeats" (R&B #10 in 1983)
  • "Don't Waste Your Time" (Pop #48, R&B #1 for one week in 1984; #60 UK)
  • "Guilty" (R&B #2 for one week in 1986; #53 UK)
  • "I Wouldn't Lie" (R&B #6 in 1986; #61 UK)

Total Experience folded in the late 1980s, and Yarbrough and Peoples, by now a married couple, returned to Texas.

Album discography

  • The Two of Us - 1980
  • Heartbeats - 1983
  • Be A Winner - 1985
  • Guilty - 1985
  • The Best of Yarbrough and Peoples - 1997